Everything You Need to Know About Real HCG Drops

What you need to know about hcg dropsWith so much confusion out there concerning real HCG drops and their imitators, we thought it’d be helpful to clear up some of the noise out there.

The following questions are some of the most frequently asked about HCG drops including which are the most effective weight loss drops and information about the diet.

What are Real HCG Drops?

Real HCG drops are made from Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG for short. HCG is a hormone that is present in both men and women, but is found in the greatest quantities in the placenta during pregnancy.

HCG helps regulate the metabolism, the appetite and all hormonal balance during pregnancy, making it an ideal supplement to help people manage their weight or diet.

What is the HCG Drops Diet?

The HCG drops diet is a plan that restricts your intake to 500 calories a day while supplementing your body with real HCG drops. This plan is not a long term diet, but is only meant to help get your body back on track.

During the diet, your body will will release 1,500 to 4,000 calories each day from the effects of the drops. This will help you burn off excess fat while getting your metabolism and hormones back in balance.

Are there any Side Effects of Real HCG Drops?

Used in the recommended dosage of 15 drops under your tongue in the morning and 15 drops before dinner (or 10 before breakfast, 10 before lunch and 10 before dinner if that works better for you), there are no known side effects.

Taking too much of the drops can result in dizziness or a slight upset stomach, but that’s to be expected when you overdose on anything. Also, if you do not drink enough water with your weight loss drops, you might experience constipation and dehydration—remember to drink plenty of water as it will not affect your weight loss, only your health if you fail to do so.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day and do not take more than the recommended dosage and you will be free from all side effects—well, not counting all the weight you’ll lose!

How Much Weight Can I lose with the HCG Drops Diet?

While the HCG drops diet only lasts between 21 and 42 days, you can expect to lose between 0.5 pounds and 3 pounds a day.

This dramatic weight loss is due to the combination of real HCG drops and the reduced caloric intake.

During this period, your body will become regulated and you will get back on track. Staying on the diet longer than recommended is not healthy and definitely not recommended.

Do I have to Exercise on the HCG Drops Diet?

There is no need to exercise while taking real HCG drops since it is working on the fat stored inside your body. Plus, since you are reducing your caloric intake to 500 per day, you are getting exactly what you need to survive along with the released calories.

Simply take the drops and stay on the diet and you will lose weight. When you are done with the diet, you can start an exercise routine to help you manage your weight and maintain your health.

Why is it So Important to Get Real HCG Drops?

Real HCG drops contain the actual HCG hormone—synthetic or non-hormonal drops do not contain this powerful hormone. Therefore, unless you get real HCG drops, you will not get the powerful benefits of the drops.