The Pros & Cons of HCG Injections

With hundreds of weight loss products and supplements in the market today, getting the ideal one can prove to be quite hectic and daunting at times. To get value for money, you need to be extra cautious while selecting a weight loss product.

Since 1954 when HCG injections were promoted by Dr. ATW Simeon, the use of HCG injection tends to gain sturdy grounds among most people across the globe. This is for the fact that most people are victims of weight gain and other related issues which are addressed by HCG injection.

The good thing about HCG injections is that they are medically approved and are available in almost all places across the globe.

There are a lot of benefits that come with HCG injections. However, you must be observant not to get the wrong injection in the name of HCG.

It must be noted that counterfeited products are in circulation and the possibility of getting unauthentic HGC is high. In order to enjoy all the benefits of HCG injections, the right product must be used.

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According to several clinical research including one published in ’the western journal of medicine’’, HCG injections has both positive and negative effects on the users.

The Major Pros of HCG Injections


Considering the fact that HCG is extracted from humans, it is totally safe for consumption. After all, it is very natural. The good thing about natural supplements is that they do not have the capacity to trigger harmful implications after consumption.

The same case applies to HCG injection. Most people who have tried it rarely complain of any side effects or other aggravated problems.

Reduced Hunger Pangs

One of the things that lead to massive weight gain is high appetite. In this regard, there is need channel your efforts in controlling hunger pangs if your primary aim is to lose weight. One of the main cons of HCG injection is that it helps in reducing appetite. This means that remarkable weight loss will result in the end.

Restricts Further Fat Loading

There are certain enzymes in human body that catalyze the formation of fats. If the enzymes are not inhibited, a lot of fats can accumulate in your body. The end result is massive weight gain.

One of the principal roles played by HCG injection is that it bars the formation of fats in your body. This is a major influence that eventually leads to weight loss.

Helps in Detoxification

Accumulation of toxins in human body not only lead to weight gain but puts your health at risk as well. It is therefore paramount to ensure that toxins are flashed from your body in the most convenient way.

Interestingly, HCG injection has a role to play in detoxifying your body. The ingredients found in the supplement create a positive impact in reducing toxins hence enhancing your overall health.

Healthy Pregnancy

For expectant mothers, HCG injection can be of great use. This is because it carries some properties which are essential in ensuring a healthy pregnancy all through the gestation period.

Additionally, the supplement has been confirmed to be effective in enhancing fertility both in men and women. If you have taken long to conceive, it would be best to take HCG injection.

Fast Results

Out of the many supplements in the market, HCG injections stand as one of the most effective. It takes a remarkably short span for positive results to yield.

All you need is to have the injection as prescribed by a specialist. If everything is done right, you will undoubtedly accomplish your prime mission.

The Cons of HCG Injections

Some of the common cons and side effects of HCG injections that require doctor’s attention or withdrawal from the program include:

Causes allergic reaction

• This is one of the main negative effect to most people who don’t blend well with HCG injections. To avoid more adverse effects, it’s recommended you see a doctor when you experience some signs that indicate the presence of allergic reaction.

• Swelling of your face, tongue, throat, lips and difficulty in breathing are among the key signs of allergic reactions and requires a doctor’s attention.

Promotes development of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome

• This condition mostly affect women, more so after the first cycle treatment. It can become a life threatening condition if not treated early enough.

• You should call your doctor immediately in case you detect having the disease. In most women, it is characterized by; severe pelvic pain, weight gain, shortness of breath, stomach pain and swelling, nausea, vomiting and frequent urination urge.

Can easily cause early puberty in young boys

• Although it is not a common side effect, it affects some young boys who experience puberty signs earlier than expected.

• It is recommended you take him to the doctor in case he shows puberty signs such as deepened voice, increased sweating, acne and growth of pubic hair.

HCG injection does not guarantee long run weight loss

• A considerable number of people who used the program complained about its ability to maintain weight loss in the long run.

• In most cases, the lost weight is gradually regained after you have finished the dose and you will be forced to take another dose after some time.

Require consistent follow up

• Apart from requiring prescription during purchase, HCG also needs a lot of attention while mixing the key ingredients of injections.

• In case you miss a dose, you ought to see your doctor for advice. While under medication, this program prohibits you from using certain types of food that might react negatively with your body.

Despite having a couple of pros, the cons may outdo them depending on the user. They are relatively expensive compared to other weight loss supplements ranging from $ 300 to $400 for every 1000 i.u. other common side effects include; headache, depression, promotes development of painful lumps, mild swelling, pain and irritation on the injected place, muscle cramps, feeling restless, breast swelling or tenderness and water weight gain.

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Since this is not a complete list of HCG injections cons, it is recommended you inform your doctor in case of any bothersome or unusual side effect.