Understanding 4 Phases of HCG Diet to Achieve Best Results

Dr. Simeons wrote about the complete HCG diet plan in his famous book, Pounds and Inches and he explains the HCG diet phases along with the entire meal schedule.

To achieve the best results and quickest weight loss, you should make sure that you follow the phases as outlined below.

HCG Phase 1 (Loading)

Phase 1 is also known as the loading phase. You eat as much fat (Good fats such as avocados vs say, Burger King) as you can for two days. Eat your favorite foods that you won’t be able to eat on a diet during this phase!

This phase is crucial, as it will keep you from being hungry later on a diet. Do not skip this phase even though you will most likely be sick of eating by the second day!

Holidays are GREAT times to do a loading day. Second best time is during the week, so you can relax on the weekend (or whenever your days off falls) and adjust to the next phase.

If you’re using drops, then you start taking them, usually three to six times a day depending on the dosage your drops have. You put these under your tongue and hold it there for around 15-30 seconds, and don’t eat after for about 15-30 minutes. You take the drops all the way up until the maintenance phase.

HCG Phase 2 (VLCD – Very Low Calorie Diet)

Phase 2 is contrived to last for either 26 or 43 days. During this phase, HCG triggers a release of about 2000 calories stored up in the body as available food. Hence, one gets adequate nutrition, and it’s hard to feel hungry all day.

You will be following the very low calorie diet of 500 calories a day. A good kitchen scale is essential to make sure you are not overeating.

It’s important not to go over if you are doing the original Dr. Simeon’s protocol.

There are others out there that let you do more calories, but I have never tried that. If you do the loading phase correctly you will not feel hungry, so why mess with the original calorie plan?

You will be able to have as much tea, and coffee as you want (no artificial sugars or chemicals though). Stevia is a great way to add sweeteners.

No oils at all! Even in your makeup or beauty products!

You can have an approved list of vegetables and proteins, as well as Melba toast.

There are vegan versions if you want, but the main diet consists of things like grilled chicken, shrimp, and certain fish.

Drink lots of water!

HCG Phase 3 (Stabilization)

It’s also known as the Stabilization Phase since you take a range of three weeks to stabilize to your new weight so that you can reduce the chances of regaining.

Here you can take whatever you want except sugars and carbohydrates, but it’s advisable to concentrate on proteins and vegetables.

At this point, you should have an understanding of a healthy diet and can make the right decision on the type of diet you want to take. You also need to check your weight daily. If you increase a pound than the lowest achieved weight, then you should check you diet.

A steak a day will keep you on track. A steak means spending a day when you have fed on water alone. In the evening you should have an apple or a tomato.

HCG Phase 4 (Maintenance)

After you have completed the diet and you are happy with your weight loss, you can move on to the maintenance phase.

During this phase there should be no injection or drops induced.

This consists of the same HCG diet, only now you can eat as much as you want but no starches or sugar.

You start slowly adding new foods back, and weigh yourself DAILY to see if you are sensitive to any foods.

Depending on how long you were on the diet for, and how many rounds of the Very Low Calorie Diet you have done before, you can start adding sugars and starches back after about 3-6 weeks on the maintenance phase.

Now, I personally think you shouldn’t add sugar back in at all, but many people do.

If you choose to do this, do so slowly and weigh yourself daily. Keep track of which foods cause you to gain weight, and avoid those. Add sugar and starch back sparingly and try to not overdo it.

At this point one should be feeling far much better mentally and physically, having a greater self confidence and a greater craving for healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables.

HCG diet is all about making a lifestyle change which is not only losing weight but living a healthy life forever.