How to Stay Fit and Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

According to several surveys many Americans can put on between one and seven pounds during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The reason is actually pretty clear, busy schedules which take away from fitness routines; heavy calorie rich meals and alcoholic drinks during family gatherings as well as holiday parties are generally the primary culprits.

So how can someone interested in staying fit and lean avoid gaining weight during this festive time of year?

Luckily there are a few things that can be done to at least minimize gaining weight during the holidays!

Take snacks to work- It is understood that the extra time spent shopping for gifts or going to the homes of friends or relatives means that cooking time likely will be scarce. By taking some low calorie snacks to work, like fruits and vegetables, it is less likely that you will feel the urge to go through a fast food drive thru to grab a bite to eat. Most fast food meals can have as many as 1000 calories in a single meal and on the flip side veggies can be filling but are usually low in calories. They are also quite convenient to eat raw too!

Take a few extra steps- There is no doubt that a trip to the gym may be out of the question during this time of year so find ways to take a few extra steps during your day. Parking towards the back of the shopping center or mall parking lot, taking stairs at work or while shopping will help. While this may not replace a tough session at your local fitness center it will add some extra effort and can help get some extra calorie burning in that would have been missed otherwise.

Shop for health- Cooking meals will be rushed during this time of year. Take a few extra moments at the grocery store to pick items that have fewer calories. There are even heat and serve meals that limit the calories. By stocking your fridge with healthy alternatives the meals you eat at home may balance some of the meals that have more calories.

When it comes to weight loss nothing beats a good workout program, proper vitamin supplements and a balanced moderate calorie meal plan but with strict time constraints and busy days ahead following these tips may help you avoid having to use up one of your resolutions on weight loss in the New Year! Dont forget your hCG shots!