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Hormones are the thing in our body which is responsible for all of the major functions. Each hormone has a specific task to do such as the thyroid-stimulating hormone. This instructs the thyroid gland when to produce particular hormones such as thyroxine.

The thyroid-stimulating hormone is created in the anterior pituitary gland which also produces the human growth hormone or HGH as it is known.

Using HGH supplements can help stimulate your pituitary gland, resulting in an increase in the production of growth hormone. As it is your own body that is producing this extra hormone, it is by far much safer than the riskier option of injections.

A decline in human growth hormone

As a child, your body produces naturally high amounts of Human Growth Hormone. But as you grow older, the HGH levels diminish with the resulting consequences.

But research is showing that by taking the correct combination of nutrients you can renew your body’s natural production of HGH safely.

Plus, by consuming HGH supplement, you avoid the exorbitant expense and potential worrying side-effects of HGH injections – injecting “foreign” Growth Hormone into your body.

These HGH pills are your BEST choice for men because of four important reasons:

  1. Effective and potent, yet 100% safe with no side effects.
  2. Safe enough to be bought without prescription – no embarrassing doctors’ visits.
  3. Naturally increases your own growth hormone production. No need for injections of foreign H-G-H, your body starts to produce more of its own Growth Hormone.
  4. Affordable and practical.

3 Best Brands of HGH Supplements on the Market

We have done countless hours of research, and dedicated our time to investigating HGH, and determining which HGH products are in fact worth their weight in gold.

With that said, let’s delve right into our top recommended HGH supplements:

1. HGH X2

hgh x2

For any men over the age of 21, from athletes to youth enthusiasts, HGH-X2 is true to its name. 

The HGH pill restores the growth hormone production in the body.

HGH X2 is by far the most popular and one of the best HGH supplements, and has been rated as the most effective booster for quite some time.

The manufacturer of this brand, Crazy Bulk, is committed to utilizing high-grade ingredients and a formulation that has been proven effective by an array of studies and medical professionals.

Every pill of HGH-X2 is manufactured under strict guidelines by a team of professionals (including biochemists, pharmacists, and medical doctors) in an FDA certified lab.

Deemed as one of the top HGH providers, the youthful strength and anti-aging agencies in HGH-X2 drastically increases the HGH production and improves the body’s health.

2. GenF20 Plus

GenF20 plus

The second leader in this field is GenF20. Similar to HGH-X2, this brand is also suitable for men under 35 (with the exception of children) because the capsules are not omnipotent.

It encourages your body to produce more HGH itself, naturally.

It is completely safe, as it uses a proven and tested unique formulation of natural ingredients. GenF20 Plus naturally prompts your pituitary gland to increase HGH production, slowing the signs and feelings of aging down.

On top of that, GenF20 Plus is one of the only HGH releasers on the market that incorporates a complete anti-aging “system” by combining both a proven supplement and an effective HGH oral spray. When these two products are used together, the benefits far outweigh what any one supplement can do alone.

A few members of our research staff tried GenF20 Plus for themselves, and still rave about its effects to this day. Some lost weight, others noticed their wrinkles vanished, a few gained muscle mass, and all of them noted a large increase in energy, vigor, and a more youthful appearance overall.

3. GenFX

Gen FX

The GenFX is a product that has been on the market longer than both HGH-X2 and GenF20 Plus.

While it had its fair share of satisfied customers over the years, we were skeptical about its efficiency based on a number of reviews we found that considered the product to be a bit out of date.

However, truth be told, those reviews were actually out of date as the makers of GenFX have recently revamped the formulation, improved the product, and even decreased the price in order to make it more affordable.

Our team of experts also spoke to a number of customers that had tried GenFX as well as a number of other HGH supplements, and the majority of them far preferred this formulation over any of the others.

With that said, the #1 and #2 recommended products still provide more value based on the bonuses customers receive with their orders and we would like to see more proof of the effects of this new formulation before giving GenFX a higher recommendation.

Thankfully, the 90 day money back guarantee takes all the risk out of the equation. So if you are looking for affordability, then GenFX may very well be your best bet.

How Does HGH Supplement Work?

How HGH Booster Works

The hormone is also known as Somatotropin and is produced naturally in the body. There have been many studies carried out where additional growth hormone HGH has been taken by older people, and it has been found to have a positive outcome with regards to weight management and the signs of aging.

The supplements will make the pituitary gland produce more human growth hormone, more in line with what the body tends to produce during adolescence. By having higher HGH levels in the body, the aging signs should diminish.

There are homeopathic, and secretagogues supplements and they either have HGH in them or have amino acids in them which tell the body to produce more growth hormone.

A deficiency in human growth hormone is not what produces the symptoms of aging, but it is the deficiency in the hormone which stops it instructing the body to regenerate and repair cells and that therefore speeds the aging process up.

What Can HGH Boosters Do For You?

The growth hormones have many functions in the body including improving heart health, weight maintenance, muscle mass increase, cholesterol regulation, and skin improvement.

  1. Prevent Aging

HGH booster gives messages in the body to release other hormones which help it to function. Therefore, they indirectly contribute to preventing aging by making sure that all the other hormones are working properly and keeping the body fully functioning.

Things such as energy levels, weight, muscle mass, cholesterol and skin, are all controlled by hormones and so the more they function and the more they regenerate the cells in these areas of the body, the better they will work.

  1. Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle

Research has shown that HGH pills will help to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass no matter what age you are, whether you are male or female or what you exercise and eating habits are like.

It has been found that on average, taking human growth hormone supplements will help to reduce the time to lose weight by one third. It seems that it can transfer 8% of body fat to 15% of muscle.

The HGH will raise your metabolism which gives you stamina and energy. This will help you to more easily build muscle through exercise as well as preventing fat from building up in the body. It actually converts the unwanted fat into energy which then could be used to form muscle.

This means that you do not need to keep such a close eye on what you are eating as it will not be so likely that the body will increase its fat levels.

However, do not think that taking the growth hormone pills will magically increase muscle mass. It has to be done in parallel with exercise.

  1. Boost Your Libido

As we get older and no longer grow, the body produces less as there is not such a big need for it. However, with this drop in HGH, the libido level drops as well. This can be seen in most people where women get a lack of sex drive, and men get erectile dysfunction.

By taking a supplement of HGH, it should increase libido and sexual performance. Furthermore, studies have shown that it is 70% effective.

The growth hormone supplement will increase testosterone levels in men and allow them to have more sustained erections and increased libido.

As the supplements are just HGH, which is found in the body anyway, there are no side effects connected with taking them.

  1. Greater Memory and Focus

The brain can begin to deteriorate with age as well. The brain cells or neurons will lose their outer covering, and they start using their mass. This is what is thought to lead to the memory problems that are often linked to old age.

However, it is felt that it could be possible for growth hormone booster to improve the state of the brain cells and therefore improve its function. This, in turn, would help a person to feel younger.

  1. Reduce Your Wrinkles and Lines

The hormones in the body have many roles including making proteins and other substances which are part of all of the body. The HGH is not only effects the actions of other hormones, but one of its roles is to repair, regenerate and grow cells. As part of this process, it makes elastin and collagen.

Anyone who worries about their skin will know how vital elastin is for the skin. It allows the skin to spring back to shape easily. Collagen is also important as it makes up muscle tissue and a lack of it will make the skin sag. This means that by having more of these two things, the skin will look less aged, as it will be springier and fuller.

  1. Strengthen Your Immune System

Once you take the HGH supplement, the cell count in the immune system will increase which will help the body to fight off infections. The sentinel cells, which protect the body will be more effective as there is more of them.

They will also destroy any damaged cells which will make room for new, healthy ones.  As the hormone affects many systems and parts of the body there will be more effects than just a change in the immune system. Your cardiovascular health will improve as well.


Once a person reaches the age of twenty years, the HGH in their body reduce in quantity. As soon as you hit 30, HGH production starts to lessen.

In fact, they reduce so quickly that by the time a person is forty, they have about 80% less human growth hormone in the body as they would at the age of twenty.

So you have two options:

Buy HGH injections which can cost you USD 12,000 a year – along with the pain, the worry of where they source the HGH, and whether their service is all it claims.

Or, using a safer method by buying HGH supplements produced with a natural formula, which can be found at the top of this article.

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