Top (3) Best HCG Drops for A Natural Rapid Weight Loss

HCG drops have helped numerous people to achieve natural weight loss in a relatively short period of time. But with many different types of HCG diet drops available on the market, it can be difficult to determine which is the best to buy.

Top 3 Best HCG Drops

The quality of these HCG drops can vary significantly. The strength and potency of the HCG drops will determine its efficacy in producing rapid weight loss. Our research has concluded that the best HCG drops on the market in 2021 are:

1. HCG Warrior

2. Official HCG Diet Plan

3. Complex Diet Drops

Sold by HCG WarriorSold by Nato SupplementsSold by Biosource Labs
Founded in 2010Founded in 2012Founded in 2010
Success Rate: 98%Success Rate: 95%Success Rate: 92%
Avg Results: lost 1.33 lbs / day (10 samples of users)Avg Results: lost 1.29 lbs / day (10 samples of users)Avg Results: lost 1.21 lbs / day (10 samples of users)
Support: 24/7Support: 24/7Support: 24/7
Guarantee: 30 daysGuarantee: 30 daysGuarantee: 30 days
Price: USD 129 / 2 bottlesPrice: USD 79 / bottlePrice: 69.95 /bottle

Make sure that you buy HCG drops from our recommended list to give you best the possible chance of achieving your weight loss goals.

Nowadays, you’ll find that the market currently is flooded with many new sublingual drop providers. You can take time to research which hCG supplement and product will work the best for you, but our advice is not to waste too much time exploring any other brands.

You could read any other reviews about brand A and brand B, or brand C compared to brand D, but trust us, it’s not worth your time.

The 3 products we mentioned before have been in this industry for more than 8 years. This means they have reached the maturity of the business and gained customer trusts.

These diet plans provide a natural way to induce rapid weight loss without the hunger cravings usually associated with dieting.

HCG drops can be consumed by placing them underneath the tongue. This is an area of the body which is dense in capillaries which allows the HCG it to be absorbed by the body quickly. These three best HCG drops for weight loss are admissibly produced in FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered laboratories.

Reviews of The Best HCG Drops Products

1. HCG Warrior

HCG Warrior Weight Loss Drops

HCG Warrior is one of the best HCG Drops that includes real hCG hormone in its formula.

The unique formulation from HCG Warrior drops is designed to grant shedding off of extra flesh within an idealistic time. This hormonal based product guarantees the best Human Chorionic Gonadotropin supply compared to other rival products and other weight loss drugs supplements.

It derives its spectacular name from four quality aspects it entails in the HCG diet program;

  1. Charts ;
  2. Recipes ;
  3. Support ;
  4. Instructions

Depending on your condition, this hCG drops solution provides guidelines on how many drops to take. On normal circumstances, however, the 2 oz bottle is designed to last for one month. What’s more amazing with these HCG drops is the fact that its usage doesn’t involve many instructions.

At first, it might be disturbing especially if you access their official website where not so much information is given regarding HCG Warriors. This should be the least of your worries as the manufacturer provides manual book and complete guidance in a bundle with your drops; such an adventurous experience.

Customer 3

Customer 4

Just like other hCG drops, a specified number of drops are directed under the tongue. How it works after that is not so different from the previous one. Only this one includes real hCG hormone.

It ensures that one’s energy level is always high and the appetite suppressed to avoid cravings and in-between smacks.

The absence of starches or sugars in this product makes it more reliable and effective than most diet alternatives. So worry not about your digestive system while using this medication, it will appropriately be taken care of.

2. Official HCG Diet Plan

Official HCG product

The Official HCG Diet Drops is homeopathic HCG drops and best works alongside a special diet. Note that the Official HCG Diet Drops product does not contain a real hormone. However, the presence of vitamin B12 in this product ensures that the effect of HCG is enhanced.

As such, the fat burning process is stepped up. The Official HCG Diet Drops comes with a diet manual which when followed strictly, results to loss of close to one pound per day.

Besides a healthy diet, the Official HCG Diet Drops also guarantees optimal organ and tissue support.

Based on the different positive testimonials associated with it, you can be sure to lose considerable weight without spending too much. Your affected sleeping pattern is also bound to change with the usage of this product.

3. Complex Diet Drops

Best Homeopathic HCG Drops

Lastly, we have the Complex Diet Drops finalizing the list of best quality homeopathic HCG drops.

Complex Diet Drops helps achieve a natural weight loss process in a more efficient way than other conventional popular diet supplements.

Although Complex Diet Drops doesn’t contain a real hCG hormone, you can be sure to lose weight up to a pound a day with this product.

Having been tested and certified by International experts to be effective in achieving healthy weight loss, you can be sure to quickly shed off the extra pounds of flesh on your body by consistent usage of this product.

The Complex Diet Drops product is made of homeopathic components, which means only natural elements are included. Twenty-five unique natural ingredients, to be exact.

How this unique HCG drops product works is simply amazing. You only need to put the recommended number of drops under your tongue at the stipulated times.

The HCG drops are then rapidly absorbed into one’s bloodstream the moment they get in contact with the tongue. What follows is healthy living and natural weight loss, free of hassles.

Customer 1

Customer 2

In order to gain the most out of this favorable product, it’s advisable supplementing the HCG drops with special high-protein diets, or low calorie diet. Before you know it, you’ll be burning up to 3,500 to 4,000 calories a day!
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The History Of HCG Diet

HCG 101

In the past, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) was most commonly recommended as a treatment for the woman who has struggled to conceive or has fertility issues. This is because HCG assists the body with converting the body’s fatty tissue into energy which can then be used by the fetus. However, doctors also realized that this same process could be used to induce weight loss.

There are two main ways that HCG is consumed. These are the HCG drops and the HCG injections. HCG injections, while effective, are not available without a doctors prescription. Therefore, one must find a doctor who is competent in this field.

These also require the administration of the HCG directly into the muscle tissue and are relatively expensive.

Most HCG drops, in contrast, can be sourced online and are available without a prescription. The hCG diet drops are produced by taking a full strength HCG solution and then converting it into a sublingual mix. This is achieved through the processes of dilution and succussion.

Types of HCG Sublingual Drops

There are two forms of HCG drops that you should know:

1. Prescription Drops

There are some people that think hormone injections are more effective than the HCG drops for weight loss. But these allegations are completely untrue when medical grade hCG is used.

Since you are using a real hCG hormone, you have to make sure that you’re taking them as prescribed. That’s correct! You’ll need approval first from licensed doctors before starting.

Failure to follow directions for your HCG diet can result in cramps, headaches, nausea, or other common side effects. And as mentioned above, you absolutely must follow the 500 calorie diet for the oral drops to be effective.

It’s not optional; it’s actually a requirement for this process. You only need to take between 125 to 200 IU. of HCG per day.

2. Homeopathic Drops

Homeopathic HCG is made by taking small amounts of the hCG hormone and turning it into a sublingual formulation – which means you take it orally by putting drops under your tongue, where it is best absorbed into your body.

But note that some products, such as The Official HCG Diet Drops and Complex Diet Drops, would replace hCG with similar ingredients that mimic the hormone’s potency due to a strict regulation from the FDA.

The formulation process for the homeopathic version involves dilution and succession. Succession means the mixture is shaken vigorously, usually by a machine.

One of the mysteries of homeopathy is that when a homeopathic remedy is subjected to a lab test, the active ingredient (in this case, HCG) won’t show up in the results. This is because the process of homeopathy creates a unique energetic imprint in the mixture which won’t appear chemically.

So, for example, a pregnancy test using the homeopathic version of HCG, which is the hormone that indicates a positive or negative pregnancy test, will yield a negative result.

However, despite this phenomenon, the HCG present in homeopathic drops works very effectively in the human body, as has been proven by many individuals who have had great success with these diet plans using oral HCG.

Many people have tried the injections, prescription, and the homeopathic HCG and were able to compare the results, which were mostly identical.

The Benefits Of Using HCG Drops

While HCG occurs naturally in the body, it can also produce fat loss when consumed in its synthetic form. HCG works on the hypothalamus part of the brain and causes it to release stored fat. Even when administered in small doses it is able to produce rapid fat loss.

Studies have shown when pure HCG drops are combined with a low-calorie diet, people are able to lose as much as twenty pounds over thirty days. HCG is particularly useful for people who have tried to lose weight in the past and struggled with stubborn pounds.

The benefits of using HCG drops for weight loss also go beyond merely improving one’s appearance. People who have take HCG drops also show reduced blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.

How do HCG Diet Drops work?

The reason why HCG diet drops are so effective for weight loss is that it speeds up your metabolism, and uses the stored fat in your body to increase your energy levels and make your body feel full. This way, you’re not starving like with many other diets.

The actual “diet” part of losing weight is usually what puts the brakes on people’s fat loss goals. A common myth is that you can eat anything that you want and just burn it off at the gym. This should not be taken as truth.

Cramming your body full of carbohydrates, fats, sodium, and other fattening products affect more than just your weight. You’ll notice that you move slower, feel tired, and slowly develop serious health issues with a bad diet.

The HCG diet is a complete solution because, in addition to the actual HCG diet drops, pills, or injections, you also get on a complete nutritional regimen that will outline all of your meals for you.

When your diet is made up for you, it lessens the need for you to stand around the grocery store wondering what’s right for you or having to track all of your calories manually.

You may have heard the HCG diet referred to as the 500 low calorie diet. It’s been talked about a fair amount in the medical and fitness fields since most people are shocked that it requires that you only eat 500 calories a day.

At first glance, it can be a bit shocking and daunting to imagine just eating 500 calories a day since some people eat that amount in one meal. However, we assure you that it is perfectly safe and to get the benefits of your HCG drops, following the very low calorie diet plan strictly will be detrimental.

If you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to handle cutting your caloric intake in accordance to the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), we’re here to tell you that it can be done and thousands of satisfied users around the world are living proof of that.

As long as you’re taking the required HCG doses (150-200IU) daily, the HCG diet plan won’t be too difficult to manage.

The increased HCG levels kick start your body’s hypothalamus which gets your body to utilize all the stored fat in your body. The result is that your body is primarily being fueled by this fat just as if they were calories that you ate throughout the day.

So there is no need for you to consume extra calories per day because you will feel full and your body will be energized.

Keep in mind that like with any diet program, exercise is going to be an integral part of the HCG weight loss program. It’s recommended that you exercise at least 30 minutes a day while on a diet and taking your over-the-counter HCG drops.

This will ensure that you get maximum results and still build more muscle. Since you will be taking in a lot fewer calories per day, you should monitor your workouts carefully and make sure you don’t overdo it.

When you first begin your HCG diet, focus more on weight training than cardio and start light.

For Whom HCG Diet is Intended?

HCG diet drops work for a wide range of people. While HCG hormone is produced in its natural form by the pregnant woman, but as a weight loss supplement, it can be used by both men and women, young and old to lose weight.

As with any dietary supplement, it is important to consider any existing health conditions, such as allergies, which may affect the person taking. However, overall HCG drops are deemed to be a safe product to lose weight with no substantial side effects.